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Bill Nesbitt — Music Teacher (Lesson Schedule below)

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I teach private stringed instrument lessons in Little Rock. I'll teach anybody, old or young, who shows genuine interest. I teach:

  • 5-string bluegrass-style banjo
  • Guitar Specializing in Bluegrass flatpicking Also fingerstyle, bluegrass rhythm, folk, acoustic pop, basic swing styles.
  • Mandolin fiddle tunes for mandolin; bluegrass style mandolin note for note, tremolo styles, Bill Monroe style.
  • Upright bass basic bass technique and advanced bluegrass style bass

My teaching environment (I teach in my home studio in central Little Rock pictured above) is warm, pleasant and, most of all, positive. It's also family-friendly, with a big couch for mom or dad to relax on and toys to help little brother or sister pass the time. Don't mind the pups, they're just saying "hello."

I won't constantly hound you about practicing your instrument; however, I will expect improvement over time until a level of proficiency is reached that works for both of us. My long-term goal is for you to be at a level where you can play with others, and share your music with all those who would enjoy listening to you..

Practicing isn't always fun, especially when you're just starting out and there are fingers to toughen and muscles to strengthen. The goal is to progress, over time, away from "practicing" the instrument to "playing" the instrument. If it's play, you'll never get enough of it. There will always be self-discipline involved, but it becomes much more of a joy as your skill develops. And the rate of development varies greatly from person to person. It can be difficult to be patient with yourself, but I've found that part of my job is to encourage you to keep pressing forward. I have yet to find a student who was genuinely interested in progressing, but simply couldn't, because they were too uncoordinated or "tone-deaf." If you hang in there and do what your teacher says, you will move forward. Everyone progresses at different speeds, because everyone is different.

Lesson Schedule

Openings in my schedule for FACE to FACE lessons appear as yellow boxes on the chart below. I have additional slots available for SKYPE lessons which aren't listed here. If you are interested in Skyping a lesson or lessons, E-mail me.

If you don't see an opening that works for you, check this page often. If you see a slot that works for you, E-mail me and we can get started. Or I'll be glad to put you on a waiting list and let you know when an opening comes up. With this many students, my schedule will change fairly often.

My rate is $20.00 per half-hour lesson, once a week, payable month-by-month, at the beginning of each month, by check or cash.

I do set some times aside during the week for make-up lessons (indicated by blue boxes). If you're a current student and unable to come to a lesson, contact me and I will do my best to schedule a make-up for you on a case-by-case basis.

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday






Occupied time slot Available time slot Make-up slot for Current Students. NOTE: Available slots (yellow) or no-shows (of which there are usually several every week) may also be used as make-ups on a case by case basis. Contact me if you would like to set up a make-up time.
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